Why Bergaila & Associates?

Bergaila & Associates, Inc. is a leading supplier of contract and direct engineering/technical staffing services to many of the world’s most prestigious oil and gas, engineering and construction, and oil field service companies. Over the past three decades, we earned a reputation for service excellence to both our Clients and Employees. At Bergaila, we view our Clients as our partners and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to flexibility in meeting the contract staffing and direct placement needs of each organization we serve.

We are committed to making decisions that are right for both the recruiting company and the individual Employee, ensuring that candidates are aligned with the Client’s corporate culture and vision through a robust assessment, screening and selection process. Our unsurpassed data management system allows us to provide fast and efficient results through instant candidate-requisition matching.

For many contingent Employees, the availability of health insurance and/or other benefits is a key factor when considering an assignment. Therefore, we offer candidates a competitive benefits package ensuring we attract and retain the right Employees. Regardless of labor market conditions, we have the experience, technology, and commitment to provide the best solution for your organization.

Oil & Gas Expertise

We understand the personnel resource challenges across all sectors of today’s Oil & Gas industry (Up, Mid and Downstream). Therefore, we continually focus on developing relationships at all levels with industry professionals, thus supporting our Client’s resource needs. Furthermore, we monitor and stay current of labor market trends and conditions, which aide in the delivery of attracting and retaining qualified personnel to our Clients.

From large multinational organizations to regional companies, Bergaila understands the unique and specialized talent needs of your industry. As specialists in recruiting engineering/design and technical talent, we leverage our in-depth experience and industry knowledge to ensure the right expertise and perfect candidate fit with your specified position requirements.

Staffing Services Valued by Our Clients

Economic conditions and your own needs are constantly changing, and your hiring methods need to be just as adaptable. That’s why Bergaila & Associates, Inc. provides dynamic options, providing you the right talent to handle the workload:

Staffing Services (Contract)

If you need flexibility for peak demand talent requirements on large-scale projects, our contingent Employees are the perfect solution. They will team with you on an as-needed, short-term, long-term, or an indefinite contract. Each potential contingent resource has their skills and professionalism evaluated by a Technical Recruiter to ensure they are compatible with your workplace environment. We also perform various pre-employment screenings, as required.

Direct Placement Services

Our Direct Placement services provide access to a wide range of top candidates — including those hard-to-reach professionals who are not actively searching for a career transition.

Payrolling Services

In the event you have identified a candidate who meets the requirements of your position and it is more beneficial to place them as a contingent Employee, you may payroll them with our company and we will deliver them onsite as a contingent Employee.

Whether you are a multinational organization or a regional company, contact us today and find out how Bergaila’s professionalism, integrity and exceptional recruitment services may assist your organizational needs.